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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 3.75/10
Chance of future purchase: 5.00/10
Shipping & packaging: 2.50/10
Customer service: 3.75/10
Return/Replacement policy: 5.00/10
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Shoe Metro Rocks!

"I have purchased over 40 pair of shoes from Shoe Metro and loved all of them !
The sizing was perfect, the selection had great name brands..Steve Madden, BCBG, Nike, Puma, top brands and the prices were incredible! Awesome Sales!!
I’ve never had a issue with customer service.Shoe Metro was the best shoe website ever !

Helpful Cool


Love shoemetro

"I've had nothing but great experience with shoemetro. All my shoes and boots that I have received I have loved they are of the greatest quality. Ordered at least 15 pair from them and have returned only three pair and had no issue with paying $10 since they were so low price to begin with for such great fabulous shoes. And I would think that anybody does that they're not seeing the quality that they are receiving"

Helpful Cool


I guess I'm lucky

"I've purchsed over two dozen pairs of boots and sandals from both the Shoe Metro website (which as of March 2018 seems to be down/closed) and Apparel Save on eBay. I see that a lot of peopke have had issues but I haven't had any problems. This is probably because I only buy the higher-end brands that are fairly consistent in their sizing and only make genuine leather shoes (no chance of getting man made materials). The few times I had to return shoes, I got a fairly prompt refund. Yes, you have to pay fir shipping both ways but that is offset by the low prices. If I can get a pair of $250 shoes for under $50, I have no right to complain about paying for shipping costs. I am concerned becauae they are not on eBay anymore even though I just bought several closeout boots on eBay less than 2 months ago. "

Helpful Cool


They just don't give me my refund back!

"Firstly, I ordered Boots and they sent me slippers.
I was already annoyed and then when I returned the boots, Its been so many days after the 5-7 day refund policy and I have no refund on my a/c.
When I try to contact them, they just **** copy paste the same message they send to me as reply for every message i send to them
Their reply says refunds will be issued in 5-7 businesss dys of return.
They already have the item back but can't refund me the money .
Man these people are so **** annoying.
Zero Customer Service.
Buyer Beware!!!

Helpful Cool


My absolute FAVORITE online shoe store!

"I don’t know what Shoemetro.com, these oth reviewers are buy their shoes from, but I promise this is THE BEST online shoe store, I’ve purchased from! My shoes never ever take more than 2 days to arrive. They always send me coupon codes, the quality is TOP NOTCH, and the prices are unbeatable. I do HATE the expensive shipping costs, but the prices are so great, I keep going back, anyway. I’m just flabbergasted by the bad reviews. I have purchased no less than 40 pairs of shoes from them, for myself and loved ones. "

Helpful Cool


BEWARE-No customer satisfaction policy

"Bought 2 pair of $19 skater shoes. Paid $15 shipping. Shoes had a very narrow women cut. I couldn't get it on. Called to complain the ad is misleading. Paid ANOTHER $15 to return them. Im out $30 for nothing! Spoke to a supervisor who blamed me and said to call the manufacturer. No return policy???"

Helpful Cool



"Package not delivered on time. Still can't tell me where it is or when it will be delivered. Delivery date has been revised twice in the last 24hrs. Then they tell to wait for the "trace". I have already been waiting 3 weeks. Haven't offered a price reduction. Won't refund my money until a week after it is returned. I DON'T HAVE IT! HOW DO I RETURN IT? I wasn't planning on loaning shoemetro money for 2 months. I WANT A REFUND NOW! Shouldn't this be between the shipper (FEDEX) and shoemetro? Doesn't address my concerns that are emailed to them. Customer service ****!!"

Helpful Cool


Guano Bernini Vickii

"I brought the shoes, thinking this shoe is beautiful !even after reading the reviews the shoe does run small, I bought a bigger size I bought me a gray dress to go with my grey shoes oh boy I wore them to church Sunday I couldn't stay in them over an hour and a half walking on carpet the top of the shoe, cuts the top of your feet not the bottom! the stitching around the toes it cuts the top so bad! But this company does not take returns if you have wore the shoes how do you know the shoe hurts if you do not wear it? It was to be the shoes for the first Sunday of the new year.."

Helpful Cool


Great Buys but Watch Out...

"I have gotten some terrific buys on this site but shopping with Shoe Metro requires some time and research. Warnings are as follows: Shipping charges can be steep so once you find a pair of shoes that interests you, due diligence is necessary. You will have to cross-check the shoes on other sites to determine that their prices are not cheaper (including the aforementioned shipping charges). Many of those sites contain reviews so you can find out if the shoes run big, small, fall apart, whatever.

If you often find it difficult to fit shoes due to a physical problem with your feet or are very particular as to how your shoes fit or look, this is NOT your shoe site. Stick with the sites that offer free shipping/free returns even if you will pay more because you will not be satisfied with Shoe Metro. Even though I am sometimes hard to fit because of somewhat wide feet, I have two older daughters. One has slightly smaller feet than me and one has larger, wider feet so I can always offer shoes that are not quite right for me to them.

Even when I have to send back,and/or donate the shoes that do not make it, these instances are more than offset by good buys on other items. For me, the site really shines when it comes to boots. You can set your parameters to include only real leather based goods. Once you are ready for "advanced shopping" on Shoe Metro you can get ridiculous buys in the Open Box category. Shopping in Open Box is not for the faint of heart as the shoes are non-returnable. The best plums are the Open Box new, never worn items. Here I can find leather boots selling sometimes for over one hundred dollars or more for about twenty dollars plus. Note that I carefully check the reported shoe condition; boots with broken zippers or other functional problems are a no go. Many of the boots have reported scuffs or cosmetic defects left by sticky price tags. I could care less that the shoe bottom had a sticky price tag on it or that the item has a few scuffs on it that I will get on the boot the first time I wear it. Please note that if you are choosing a light colored shoe or light leather boot that scuffs can become a big deal.

Open Box pre-owned goods are really dicey and if the sole shows clear wear and the shoe looks beat up, pass it by. Many of these items should have been donated to charity as used goods and this is where the site breaks down. Always check your items as they are delivered. I once tossed a pair of boots in the back of my closet to find out two years later that I had been sent two left shoes! My daughter was particularly disappointed as she loved, loved the boots.

Finally, be warned that this site can become addicting as they continually offer specials and new items always arrive in Open Box. Happy hunting!

Helpful Cool


You've been warned

"I bought some items, and they never delivered them, they said it was delivered on Saturday, but I was home all day so I know they are lying. They stopped responding to me emails, and refused to replace the order saying they don't have the items anymore, only they are selling them online for a higher price. Wasted my time and energy, and they kept my money for a week."

Helpful Cool


Excellent customer service

"Received the wrong color and immediately called . Spoke to a gentleman who apologized and helped me right away. They absorbed shipping cost because of mistake. Will def buy again from them. "

Helpful Cool


They don't stand by their product

"I have bought shoes several times from the site and never had to return. I am a size 10.5. I order 3 pairs of shoes in late October and two were fine. The third pair from brand AllBlack would not even fit on my foot. They didn't even fit my size 9.5 daughter. I asked to be refunded the return shipping fee to send them back and after MANY emails, they continued to refuse. Not only did they not return my cost to send the shoe back, but they also charged me $5 for their shipping!! They said they don't return for sizing or personal preference. They said it was up to me to be sure I ordered the right size-which I did! Their own website says a 10.5 converts to a 41. AllBlack sizing says it converts to a 42. They sent me a 40.5. I couldn't believe they would lose a customer just because they wouldn't honor sending the wrong size. I did everything indicated, but would have no idea that they would send a 40.5. Had I known, I would not have ordered that size. The customer service was terrible and I was treated as if I was at fault and not valued at all. I will never buy from them again and urge everyone else not to either."

Helpful Cool


Unauthorized charges on my card

"I bought some boots from them on the 5th of this month and Honestly Wish I had check these reviews Before that. I Literally transferred Pennies from my account to add with my gift card for these boots and all of a sudden there is a $30 MISCELLANEOUS DEBIT charge on my card. I have NEVER had such a charge until I got those boots and ON THE SAME DAY!. It put me into Overdraft which is how I found out. I only used that card for Walmart online purchases, and I looked at my account from my bank from the BEGINNING of time I opened the account and there's no such charge on my account EVER! IF I HAVE TO SUE them for my $30 bucks Plus overdraft fees I will. They haven't contacted me back yet either."

Helpful Cool


Satisfied Customer!

"Saw awesome price on pair of mocs and jumped on them. Then, noted the mixed reviews. I immediately contacted company via email message asking them to prove the no so good reviews otherwise AND THEY DID! Very timely response, order confirmation, tracking info, and mocs all received timely and without incident! Will be a repeat customer and hope that more positive reviews follow for the success of ShoeMetro! Thanks for your time!"

Helpful Cool


Unhonest seller, awful customer service

"I purchased a pair of hikking shoes as a gift for my wife from this seller on amazon. The order arrived on time but at the post office I had to pay almost a 40% of the price on import fees that were not specified. I had to contact the seller anyways for a replacement/return because they sent a wrong size. First they offered a 15% discount if I keep the product claiming the size I ordered is not in stock (surprisingly still show 4 available) but why would I want a shoe that doesn't fit her? I asked for return and they replied me to ship the item back at my cost and they they would refund me import fees and the order after. So I and email them both receipts. Can you imagine their last reply is they are not taken care of i??! Bad, very bad experience. By the way, they were very expensive shoes and arrived in a poor damage box. I can't recomend this unhonest seller to anyone!

Helpful Cool

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