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I have purchased galaxy note 4 black color from them

"don't try to by any thing from this store ..I have purchased galaxy note 4 black color from them and they send white one after 3 months from the payment ..the said the device in new but it's refurbished horrible seller ..they suspend my account and I cant even see my invoice number"

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"In July 2016 i made an order on www.merimobiles.com for a mobile phone. order number 101127895, I payd with credit card, but the people from merimobiles.com wont send me the phone, they sayd "last unit with damaged battery", "we will check your order"and other things so i ask for money refund.

Today is 12/27/2016 and still no refund from merimobiles.com !

They say the owner changed ... I don't knw what to do except tell you to stop buying to merimobiles.

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the worst customer service ever, such a waste of time and money

"I have placed an order for a camera, paid extra to receive it on time. after 4 days delay the camera arrived, however, it is not working in Australia. No one answers my emails tried to leave feedback on their website but they delete it!!! and I couldn't put any negative feedback!!! that's really bizarre "

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problems with customer service

" In 10 may 2016 i made an order on www.merimobiles.com for a mobile phone. order number 101126563, I payd with SKRILL , but the people from merimobiles.com wont send me the phone, they sayd "no update for your order", "we will check your order"and other things so i ask for money refund.

today is 06/20/2016 and finally i get my money back from merimobiles.com !
now eveything is ok

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Merimobiles - All OK

"All OK now with the transaction"

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Merimobiles.com - a shop to avoid

"I got a phone Huawei Honor 6 5" 4G LTE 32GB on 21-th december.
I visualy checked it at reception and looked very fine.
When I offered it to my wife as Christmas present, we found out in the same day, after removing the protections foil from the back, that the back cover was unsoldering from the main body.
So instead of being firmly attached, the back cover , was completely loose at his right side.
We liked the phone but it seems like we got a Huawei cheap scrap and are very dissapointed.
How is it possible to get such a crap at 255 $ phone?

I sent the phone back to merimoblies.com on December 30 th 2015 asking for refund.
After almost two and half months I got refunded 181.53 $.
I payed for the phone 238.96 $ and for extended guaranteee 8.49 $ ( plus 18 $ the DHL shipping and also got a 10$ discount) , so I got stoled of 55.92 $.
Nobody gave me any explanation and they hardly answered to my repeted emails. Finally they passes responsability from one to another departaments, sending me from technical to sales departament.

I repet, I returned a new mobile phone exactly as was shipped to me, exactly in the same condition as I got it - with the backcover unsoldered.

They post products on their shop without having on the stock and is nowhere mention Out of Stock. Weeks after you buy and pay, they inform you that the item is out of stock. Even if they refund you, you still loose money because of the Paypal conversion. At every shopping they refund , I lost about 10-15 $ in my personal account.

One more very important thing: they delete any negative comment from their shop, so don't look for negative reviews because you won't find it.
There are probably hundreds of customers in the same situation but you won't find their comments there.

Thank you merimobiles.com but never again.

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My favourite shop

"Thanks for being a reliable shop, especially tehcnical support."

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Dont by any thing from merimobiles the Manipulating seller

"I have purchased SAM note 4 from them BY DHL and they insists to send by EMS even I pay for DHL This happened after 12 days of my order , again after more 5 days they said that the color I have choose is not available you have to pick another color I have forced to accept that , also they email me a fake tracking number and I have tracked it for many days but no result after I have ask them again for the tracking number they gave me another tracking number!!!!! I have made this order on 24-11-2015 till now 15-1-2015 I have not received my phone .. What can I Do ,
Again Dont by any thing from merimobiles the Manipulating seller

Helpful (3) Cool


Worst shopping experience ...

"This was my first and last shopping experience with Merimobiles.

I ordered a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Dual SIM in black color with express shipping but after a week of placing the order and following up I was told that they don't have Black Color it in stock and given me an option of White which I accepted.

Even after accepting white color they were not shipping it, they have been saying each time on followup that it will be available in stock next week. They processed my order after a month only when I threaten to file a case with paypal because they were not even making a refund. Ironically their web site did show the mobile as available in both colors and full stock.

Even with the express shipping I received my phone 45 days later, The phone I received is a refurbished one, the charger is not original Samsung and does not support adaptive fast charging. I contacted Merimobiles but no reply from their side.

Even my review on their website was removed, it seems they only allow positive and five start reviews.

I would recommend all to keep away from Merimobiles unless you have money to throw away.

You have been warned.


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"Horrible experience with merimobiles.com. I am yet to receive the invoice for the purchase of my mobile to claim the Norton low price claim. Also there is lack of communication between different departments for which customer like me suffers."

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"Great company and quality customer service.i would recommended this company."

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"I ordered the UMI Zero but it was not available so I had contact with the horrible customer service. First they tried to sell me another phone for one week. That was quite okay but a little stressing because I just wanted a refund. They told me that they are going to refund me, but until now I have not got my money back. I am definitely not going to buy anything at Merimobiles again!"

Helpful (2) Cool


"3 weeks after payment, still no phone, no tracking and no false information from them.

Order a phone from them, that they said was in stock. The promised to ship within 2-5 business days. After 5 business days I get a message that it is not in stock in the selected color, and offered a different color. As I only want the color ordered, I ask them to cancel.

E-mail's back and forth for 4-5 days where I ask to cancel, and they keep offering me a new color. When I insist on cancelling the order, the suddenly have the phone in stock and say that the have shipped it the same day. Only the cannot provide a tracking number....

Now after 3 weeks from my payment, still no phone and no tracking number. I guess I have to open a PayPal claim :-(

Most disappointing thing about the service is that the keep lying and you cannot trust what they tell you - really frustrating!

Helpful (2) Cool


"I bought the Xiaomi mi4

"Incredible Service ! Most reduced expense ! Brief Service ! Snappy Delivery !

Item reach on time ! also, Great Product obviously !

The item is 100% unique and works extraordinary.. This is my first shopping on this site and i will be shopping again

Helpful Cool


"I am very satisfy with their service, the goods i bought was very good, just like how they describe it and there staff are very awesome, happy to come back again and buy goods from you guys again."

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